About Past Times

Our very first successful and awarded TV film collected doctors, nurses, volunteers and firefighters plus police together for a common goal in 1984. We produced a feature film in Italian language, "Attività e luogo dell'incidente di primo soccorso". The film showed the actions for the rescue at a site of an accident. The budget was just 4000 Finnish Marks. This equals roughly 650 Euros for a team of 60 people, TV crew of three people,  wrecked cars on the spot, smoke effects, two policemen and three firefigters in full gear... This atmosphere of enthusiasm has yielded fruits ever since.

Young Economy Students Meet ... to think ... how to help teachers

A brainstorm on how to proceed succesfully ahead ...

Excellent ideas, superior technology and proven track record must also be communicated, marketed and sold to others. We are looking new ways to tell about the achievements, integration process and integration tools. To improve the digital skills of educators and teachers.




Enthusiasts have Ignited Change

Individuals SET the Fire!

To acknowledge honorable mens of film and cinema, including Harri Koivistoinen, Anssi Nikkilä, Russel Smith, Hans-Peter Dhuy and dozens of others who have pioneered to work with us.

Medical content visionaires Rauno Ratilainen, Erkki Huhta, Reijo Salonen, Esko Janatuinen, Mari Matintalo, Kari Saarinen, Mikko Laakso, Matti Luukkonen and hundreds more... Kai Krause and Macro Media Guys in the early years of the 1990s ... The Ministry of Education and Culture... Helena Savolainen, Jukka Liedes and the late Heikki Pekkarinen... We´d be still nowhere without computer programmers such as Sami Huttunen, Mika Pesonen, Pekka Niskanen, Sakari Räisänen and the others... Professors, clinicians, leading men and women in the international pharmaceutical industry and academic world... Mischiaki Masuda and hundreds of participants in, say, Kobe, Shanghai and Bahrain...