Ancient wisdom converges to modern technology

The University of Vienna is the oldest university in the German speaking Europe.


All platforms of modern technology were in use for information delivery and student activation for the fifth time in January 2017 for medical students. A total of over 5000 students have participated during 2013-2017.


The popular "Test Yourself" sessions which we started in 2007 are in use on every Friday. Every day program had its interactive clinic, where student understanding was set on trial by case based problems. SoMe (Facebook) is used as activator and discussion platform for after class -problem solving.


Besides Vienna, we have now over 50 universities as partners with tailored infrastructure for IT administration fit to local practices and cultures.


Providing turnkey solutions for digital integration, system set-up, and maintenance are just parts of the packages we offer to our clients.


Latest News

Fifth mass course on dermato-venereology

A dermatology-venereology course in the University of Vienna was arranged successfully for the fifth time using all modern digital approaches combined to traditional university teaching. Forty teachers improved their output to a student crowd of 800 people. We’d like to describe this more as dialogue than as lecturing. The student response and feed back has been excellent good.

Meeting with young and bright minds - let them help us teachers!

An intensive dialogue with economy students in the Aalto University School of Business provides a continues base for ongoing development. The topic is how to improve successful change in advanced teaching, learning outcome and the quality of measurement and feedback. A gathering of 100 young business students focuses on multichannel access, improved attention on learning and modern marketing and sales possibilities. Best results have been achieved in common steps – students helping teachers to adopt the technology possibilities.