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Dolphin Interactive Ltd, Finland network consists of medical professionals, clinical practitioners, as well as academic lecturers – over 2000 in number. It also includes hundreds of professionals in pharmaceutical industry, in 17 global enterprises and in 27 countries.

Other professionals in the network bring artistic illustration, animation, photography, cinematography and interactive digital media plus user metrics.

Our Digital Integration System is in use in over 50 universities and the database of teachers consists of more than 16.000 international professors.


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Learning is a journey. It is important to know where we stand at starting point as it is important to know in what direction we are aiming – and to be able to measure the steps and achievements in learning process. We share a passion to take this journey and develop methods for learning - to raise attention at a right pace, discover the meaning of learned substance and retain cognitive skills in memory in such a way that the cognitive skills are recognised when met in a changed form.

That is why we have chosen the words “Ancient Wisdom combined with Modern Technology”.


Our network consists of dedicated and enthusiastic people – more than 2.000 doctors, over 200 media professionals, artists, illustrators, cinematographers, in more than 50 institutes, 17 global companies and people who have a common goal – make a change – for better learning, understanding and compliance.

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