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Dolphin Interactive Ltd, Finland – the base for R&D

An internationally operating Finnish R&D company focuses on biotechnology and medical information with the help of its own digital integration platform. Our solutions and methodology serve the activation of the audience, TeamBasedLearning (TBL) paving the way for better student understanding and measuring as well as monitoring of the development of individuals and groups. The trends in collected data bases make a basis for long term analytics and quality measurement in all forms of education, seminars and training.


We provide contents. We support and initiate a local adaptation process and improve continuously our digital tools to provide a smooth everyday use. 

Our training and instructional videos and medical TV-programs have won several international awards. We have carried out more than 100 TV-programs for Finnish and international TV channels. We have more than 2000 hours of problem-based medical case contents in HD quality in our video footage archive.

We have studied and measured the use of different contents and audience learning in media for over 20 years. We began with TV and continued on interactive laser discs, CD-ROMs, websites, 3D animations and short activation video footage . We have combined successfully and evaluated the use of technology in different learning situations, Q&A- learning, pair work, group learning: “Team Lernen”, “Learning Café” and problem-solving based learning at different levels of education.
See also the PNAS article (Active learning increases student performance in science, engineering, and mathematics -PDF).


Dolphin Interactive Ltd has worked over 20 years with international partners for a family of digital integration and measurement tools.
Commitment, passion for work and the Internet content production and construction of contents in closed and secure internet surroundings (a server cloud) -  are the basic tools for productivity.

Our digital integration system has been adopted for use in more than 50 universities and in 17 global enterprises. Our methodology is proven valid in all learning, activating and teaching as well as to measure the quality of teaching.

Our system works with all technical terminals: smart phones, tablet computers and internet terminals.

Device and platform independence is a strength. Apple and Steve Jobs were our main inspiration - not to forget one important partner in our own development – Nokia. 

The technology is an opportunity for change. People decide the route.

The company has entered the market in 27 countries. Personal contacts and local business partners have been the solution for a reality based co-work. We have won the loyalty of our partners, because we have allowed them to profit the most in common operations - Singapore's South East Asia customer /partner managed to grow its own core business more than 900 per cent during a seven years period.

Europe's oldest German speaking university – the University of Vienna (Faculty of Medicine) changed an entire university course in accordance with our method. A fifth year in the row (2013-2017) has proven the methodology successful. (Modern Medical Education -PDF).

The human brain remains exactly the same in the process of learning as it has been 300,000 years. Digital age, however, requires new teaching methods and skillful use of the tools.


We started Test Yourself -sessions and methodology in EADV VIENNA in 2007. Test Yourself -sessions grew popular and they are a part of the continuous, individual development process now - electronic attendance control is mandatory and learned quality measurement serves both the knowledge and skills maintenance follow-up in Continuous Medical Education (CME).

In a global commercial organization, financial indicators were measured and calculated to follow effectiveness of implementing interactive methodology. All investments, production costs and cost of contacts were calculated and the total investment was compared to the sum of the achieved growth in sales ... ROI is 427%.

Change is our journey.
We are the change - in all cases.